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Michael Salib's Class Assignments

This page shows some of the work I've done for various classes at MIT. It includes assignements, papers, design projects, labs, etc. Its not complete, but it gives you some idea of what I've done. My homepage has a lot more general information about me.

Spring 2003

  • 6.115 Microcomputer Project Laboratory
    • Note: I've taken all of my 6.115 labs offline because Prof Leeb kindly asked me to. Apparently, some 6.115 students were copying them from this page and submitting them as their own work. If you're not a 6.115 student and want to see them (i.e., you're a potential employer), then email me and we'll work something out.
    • Lab 1
    • Lab 2
    • Lab 3
    • Lab 4
    • Lab 5
  • STS.003 The Rise of Modern Science
    • Paper 1 From Sacred to Profane: Helmholtz's Mechanization of Physiology
    • Paper 2 Losing the battle but winning the war: Slotten's mischaracterization of Withrow's address
    • Paper 3 Early views on intelligance and inheritance by Goddard and Terman
  • 21H.302 History of Ancient Rome
    • Paper 1 All together now: National unity in Livy's Early History of Rome
    • Paper 2 Uncovering Tacitus in the speeches of others
    • Paper 3 Fear and loathing in the imperial provinces: the failure of social control as shown in The Golden Ass

Fall 2002

Spring 2002

During February of 2002, I wrote an editorial in The Tech, MIT's student newspaper. Mostly it was just complaining about the lawsuit filed against MIT by the Shin family. You can read it here (local copy) and you can see a letter in someone wrote in response here (local copy).

Fall 2001

  • 6.021J Quantitative Physiology: Cells and Tissues
    • Both of these papers were written by myself and Margaret Douglass
    • Frog Lab Report Killing George: Refractory Effects at Low Stimulation Amplitudes
    • Hodgkin Huxley Report The Impact of Potassium Concentration on Refractory Period in the Hodgkin Huxley Model
  • 6.111 Digital Systems Laboratory

Spring 2001

A long, long time ago...

  • 9.00 Introduction to Psychology
    • Paper: Sexual Dimorphisms in the Human Brain